Domestic and international transporting and forwarding

Our clients goods are delivered to their destination quickly, in due time, safely, without harm, with the least possible
administration on their part and with the help of a trusted partnership at a low cost.

Transporting – Your goods could not be in more careful hands

  • The backbone of our fl eet consists of 20 modern trailer combination “jumbo” vehicles with 120 m3 23.5 ton capacity and space for 38/76 pallets.
  • In addition to these there are our 13.6 type 24 ton capacity megatrailers,and in that way, besides conventional freight, large freight can also be delivered.
  • All our structures are curtainsiders and have an internal height of 3m and a lifting roof for fast loading and unloading with a lift-truck. Our sliding roof structures allow for loading with cranes.
  • We pay special attention to the cleanliness of our loading areas and load securing.
  • Our cargo is at all times delivered with a comprehensive transporter liability insurance (domestic and CMR insurance), which can be supplemented with individual cargo insurance for cargo of outstanding value following prior agreement with our client
  • In order to monitor the cargo and keep continuous contact with the drivers, our vehicles are equipped with a high-quality GPS-based satellite tracking system (CVS). On request, we can give our customers access to our system so that they can monitor the movement of their cargo at any time of the day.
  • We also perform deliveries in a time window system.
  • Our drivers also carry out the document-handling tasks arising during transportation and they also issue a CMR if required.
  • Our freight administrators are well-qualifi ed experts who can communicate in
    English, German and Italian, and have signifi cant experience. Based on our clients’ needs, they contact the loading areas and customs and provide expert service.

Forwarding – cost-effectively and safely almost anything anywhere!

  • As freight forwarders, we can provide solutions with our extensive circle of sub-contractors and with the help of our
    international professional contacts.
  • With our services we provide fl exible, tailor-made and expert services for individual requirements.
  • We readily offer our clients several options for a freight forwarding task so that they can choose the method of implementation based on the factor that is most important to them. This we will perform as a careful freight forwarder.
  • Our activities extend to road, overseas rail and air traffi c alike. We have experience in forwarding cargo necessitating cooling/tempering as well as cargo of extra large size.
  • We carry out neutral forwarding with special attention to assisting our partners in having their goods delivered from their point of purchase directly to their customers, thereby saving time and cost and if required we can carry out the necessary documentation.