Complex warehouse logistic services

Besides forwarding activities we participate in our Partners’ supply- and distribution chain, optimize their process and minimize logistics cost.

  • 12.000 m2 modern warehouse area.
  • We offer regular warehouses, warehouse with normal shelves for 3800 paletts and warehouse with drive-in shelves for 6500 paletts.
  • For the fast and safe handling of goods without damage there are up-to-date goods handling equipment, gates and dock levellers at our disposal.
  • Quantitative and qualitative inspections take place during the processes of receipt and release of goods in and out of the warehouses.
  • The records are kept with the help of a bar-code system. Our Motorola scanners currently function as data collectors and as from May 2013 an RF (radio frequency) system started operating in our warehouses.

The processes and the stock accounting are carried out with our internally developed software with the help of which:

  • accurate stock accounting,
  • the release of goods according to FIFO, LIFO, or other individually accepted regulations,
  • the preparation of reports,
  • the monitoring of pallets,
  • the preparation of statistics,
  • and electronic data connection with the clients becomes possible.

Beyond storage, clients also require the occasional repackaging and sorting of certain pallets. As a result of this, we aspire to complement the basic logistics tasks by carrying out complex goods handling services. We believe that our value-added services enable us to support the competitiveness of our clients.

Consequently, our service palette includes:

  • Wrapping, labelling
  • Rewrapping
  • Repackaging
  • Mechanical pallet turning
  • Sorting
  • Order-picking
  • JIT delivery

Warehouse safety is enhanced with our round-the-clock property and fi re protection system and our reception that constantly monitors our establishments, takes care of incoming and outgoing vehicles and monitors the safety camera system.

We have an ad valorem property and liability insurance for goods placed in our warehouses.