Our History

Our activities began in 1992 as a one-man company. The basis of our philosophy is to enhance the competitiveness of our clients by providing them the most comprehensive support possible and by becoming a reliable partner in their daily work. Besides international transporting and forwarding activities in the past 20 years, today we are at our clients’ disposal with process-oriented complex logistic services. The client is in centre of our activities in every area: by developing our services in cooperation with the clients we can establish long-term productive partnerships for both parties involved.


  • We work according to the ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance certification system.
  • We carry out continuous control and evaluation examinations, based on which, our activities can be analysed on the basis of exact data; our shortcomings are detected, our services are evaluated and the quality reports are handed over to our clients.
  • Customer satisfaction is measured and the quality feedback received this way serves as the starting point for our developments.
  • The statutory and professional changes are constantly monitored.
  • A large emphasis is put on the selection of subcontractors – their performance is assessed according to our quality management system.
  • Our 20-vehicle fleet is constantly renewed, enabling us to travel the roads of Europe in vehicles outstanding from an aesthetic, technical and an environmental aspect.
  • Our 12,000 m2 storage facility is at our clients’ disposal with comprehensive warehouse management activities.